Our Staff and You

Our team of dedicated, qualified staff, many of whom have been with the Company for over 5 years and some as long as 20 years, work closely with all children and  parents to ensure your child settles into Nursery as easily as possible. Each child will have a Key Worker who will liaise with you about your child’s day at Nursery and discuss areas such as likes/dislikes and their progress and development.


We ask you to provide us with as much on-going information as possible about your child so that we can include any interests or activities into our planning. You, as a parent, know your child best and we hope you will share your knowledge and information with us. We will keep you informed of Nursery activities such as cooking food, dress up days, photo day, science week, through regular posters, newsletters and on our facebook page.


Throughout the year we do various fund raising activities which we encourage everyone to join in with. We also like to get out into the local community, such as taking harvest baskets to the local church at Harvest time and visiting local care homes for the elderly.


Our Nurseries

"quality childcare in a safe and friendly environment."

Head Office:  Clowns Nursery  Butterley Park   Ripley   Derbyshire   DE5 3AD

Telephone: 01773 747983  Email: clownskellyatkin@yahoo.com