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Making our garden grow

We are currently making lots of plans to make sure each year we plant lots of fruit and vegetables for us to use in our cooking, as well as looking after our beautiful garden and helping our plants and flowers grow.

We have created many spaces in all our nurseries to give all the children a chance at helping and watching things grow.

Each nursery has a plan each year with what fruit, vegetables, herbs and plants they would like to have and the children love taking part in this.

We have everything from wildflowers, sweetpeas, sunflowers and colourful flowers for the children to plant each year and watch them grow and become beautiful in their own ways.

“Can I water the plants with the watering can to help them grow?”

Here are some images showing what we have done so far this year in our garden areas.

Growing fruit, vegetables and herbs

The children took it in turns to choose which herbs or vegetables they were going to plant. They used their own tools to dig holes and push their plants into; and cover back up with soil.

Giving the children the freedom to choose their planting and how to do it gives them the opportunity to enjoy the experience on their own terms and feel more independent.


We had a range of herbs to plants such as mint, oregano, rosemary, chives, peppermint and sage.

We chose these herbs so that the children can pick them for us to give the nursery cooks to put into our food. The herbs are also a great addition to our sensory gardens for all the children to experience different senses.

“This one smells like toothpaste”

Our sensory graden

The children have also enjoyed looking after all their plants, watering them every couple of days, and even sometimes everyday when the sun has been shining lots and lots! We like to try and teach the children about how to look after plants and what keeps them happy and healthy.

Beau planting her pretty flowers

Time in the outdoors and experiencing nature in these ways is extremely beneficial for children and their development. Learning new skills and knowledge helps our children grow and become more aware of the world around them. Creating interesting and visually appealing areas in our nursery environments also gives the children the chance to enjoy nature and experience new senses as well as having a space to relax and have a calming atmosphere.

Archie digging

Amelie planting mint


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