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Forest School - Our First Cook Out Session

Cooking our Lunch in our Woods

How can we even start to tell you about today, BEST DAY EVER!!!! (said by children and staff!)

We wanted to introduce the children to their first fire in our Forest School. We planned this session by allowing the children to take it in turns to use a flint and steel to light a fairy blanket (i.e cotton wool)

While the children were taking it in turns to light a small fire we had a free flow sessions in the rest of the woodland.

This is where the children can choose from the activities we have put out for them as well as just exploring the woods, playing with their friends and using their imaginations in their play.

The children were in their element and we could see how engaged, engrossed and absorbed they all were in their Forest School fun.

This video really does speak 1000 words...

We then spoke to the children about making a larger fire ready for our cook out, this is where we were going to be cooking our lunch to eat out in the woods.

Our First Cook Out

We started our fire by using the flint and steel to light our fairy blankets, once we managed to set the blankets a light we used some of the tree bark, kindling and smaller wood collected to make our fire bigger and stronger. Once our fire was doing well, Carl put on some larger piece of wood to keep the fire going ready for our food. Once the fire was ready some of the children decided to stay with Carl and Carly by the fire circle simply enjoying watching the flames and chatting away, whilst others chose to go back to their activities and exploring of the woods.

Once the fire was hot enough we loaded our sausages onto the grill and watched them cook.

The children all came to sat around the fire circle while we got their sausage cobs prepared, they also had chip cones that our cook jackie had made for us.

Once the children had finished their sausage cobs and chips we then spoke to them about making their own S'mores for pudding. The children took it in turns to roast their marshmallows and squeeze it between two chocolate digestives. We couldn't quite believe that every single one of the children devoured their pudding very easily!!


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