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Let's Remove the Chairs

We like to ensure we allow plenty of opportunity for movement and freedom to explore as much as possible. Allowing children to be independent, whilst developing physically.

Have you ever observed a child at the play dough table?

They will usually only play with the equipment and resources within arms-reach – that semi-circle radius within their grasp.

Beyond their fingertips, children reach aimlessly waving fingers.

Remove the chairs and you instantly provide freedom of movement, children can easily move & access all sides of the table. They can wander to collect additional resources with ease.

You have instantly opened up whole new opportunities to extend children’s learning as a wider variety of equipment becomes instantly accessible and small bodies are not confined to their corner of the table. Conversation & language miraculously returns as children chat & engage with the whole table & not just the two children on either side of them.

By removing the chairs, children are developing core strength, this is essential for later academic life, when they are expected to sit for extensive periods of time at a desk or on the carpet.

Core strength is imperative to ensure children can engage fully in physical games & activities. Helping to develop strong bones, muscles and heart. Promote and develop active learning, children learn best when movement is involved.


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