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Pudsey at Forest School

To participate in Children in Need the children in Forest School wanted to do something special.

This session was a planned Scavenger hunt, where the children used clues hidden all around the woodland to find some treasure. (biscuits, hot chocolate and one of their favourite books!)

The clues were all based on their knowledge of their surrounding and nature such as:

“His eyes are orange, his tongue is black and he has purple prickles all over his back. Oh HELP Oh No, it's a......”

The children of course all know the end of the sentence is "GRUFFALO". The children then make their way to our Gruffalo trail where we have a life sized Gruffalo. There is the next clue which was find a tree that is evergreen. This was a chance for the children to learn what evergreen meant or for us to see who already knew. Our children then worked out to make their way to our very own Christmas tree.

Once the children found all the clues and made their way to the treasure we sat down for snack and story time.

After snack the children enjoyed free choice time, making natural wands, decorating wooden decorations ready for our winter wonderland christmas concert and playing with the sensory playdough.

The children are also able to choose to explore the woods with their friends and play with the mud kitchens.

This free choice time in the woods is always lovely to be able to see the children engaged in their activities and having the independance to make their own choices.

After free choice time the children decide they wanted to create a Pudsey in our woodland area from natural materials. So we picked up our baskets and started collecting yellow leaves, logs and sticks.

The children piled their objects up and started to create a Pudsey shaped head with a little help from our Forest School Leaders.

The children then covered the shaped with yellow leaves and made a mouth, a nose and an eye, as well as the famous eyepatch.

We hope you agree that the children did a fantastic job and our Pudsey looked amazing.


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